About Us

Logo des Freundeskreis Berlin Pankow–Ashkelon e.V.

The association Freundeskreis Berlin Pankow-Ashkelon aimes to re-enforce the relationship between these twin cities. Our focus is on the promotion of cultural and sporting activities, as well as regular meetings between people from Ashkelon and Berlin in Israel and Germany. We have made it our mission to cultivate a culture of democracy, tolerance and civic education in both cities and countries.

On 7 July 1994 the mayor of Ashkelon and the mayor of Berlin’s borough Weißensee signed an agreement officially establishing this partnership. Since then, the partnership has been actively promoted trough trips, exchanges and projects organized by the borough offices of Weißensee and Pankow.

Our independent association was founded in 2011. We organize readings with Holocaust survivors, provide information about websites of historical witnesses, present Israeli artists, visit exhibitions on Jewish history and maintain collaborations.